Milton Keynes University Hospital - NHS 

The Brief: Six phase relocation of teams moving from the old Education Centre to the newly built Academic Centre. Taking place over a 5 week period the project was a total migration of all furniture, desktop IT and crated files / personal belongings between buildings. In addition to the standard office furniture there was also the requirement to dismount, relocate locker units. As part of our standard service all desktop IT was decommissioned and recommissioned by our team of trained operatives. 
Challenges: Working in and around occupied office space without disturbing neighbouring teams. Safely loading and unloading in public areas, being particularly mindful of the many sick and elderly in close proximity. 
Feedback: I just wanted to email you to let you know what a fantastic job your team did yesterday moving us down to our new offices. They were so helpful, polite and hard working, I just wanted you to be aware of what a positive experience we had with them. Thanks again. And if I ever move house I will give you a call! 

Building to Building - Milton Keynes 

The Brief: A locally based software company were moving out of their current premises into a new office. There were 3 main phases of the move. Phase 1 was to dispose of all old furniture from their new office that the landlord left behind. Phase 2 was to dismantle any desks and furniture from their current office and pack into our branded fleet of vehicles. All IT, chairs, and possessions were going over. Phase 3 was to transport and reassemble the furniture making the office ready for employees arrival on the Monday. We then dismantled and safely disposed of any unwanted furniture and items. The move had to be timed all in line with the availability of the keys and completion of the new office’s lease so the team was constantly under a tight schedule. 
Challenges: Ensuring the old office is emptied and cleared ready for key handover deadline. Being flexible enough to dispose of additional extra furniture unknown by the customer until the day of the move, whilst keeping to agreed deadlines. 
Feedback: "Even with all the additional extras the team has worked so hard to get it all done on time. Thank you.” 

Building to Building - London 

The Brief: Three phase relocation of approximately 450 people between 4 sites in Central London. The project contained various stages Including; Relocation of various styles of desking (all requiring dis-assembly & reassembly), I.T. decommission, wrapping & recommission by our team of trained operatives, Preparing and moving Racking, loose items and palletized stock. 
Equipment Required: Loan of sufficient crates to accommodate large quantities of storage. Supply of Locker Boxes for the personal belongings. Use of “Skoots” (heavy lifting equipment for the relocation of fire safes). 
Challenges: Working in Central London during busy periods. Arranging Parking Dispensation on Red Routes etc. Working in and around occupied office space without disturbing neighbouring teams. Protection of Glass Lifts and Marble Floors. Safely loading and unloading in public areas. 
Feedback: “The guys did a great job, it all went better than we’d dared hope for” 

High security relocation between buildings - Watford 

The Brief: Phased relocation of approximately 600 people between 3 Buildings in Watford. The project included: Relocation of various styles of desking (all requiring dis-assembly & reassembly). All I.T. required decommission, wrapping & recommission by our team of trained operatives. Relocation of store rooms including racking & shelving. Phased relocation of the National Lottery Communications Hub. 
Challenges: Due to its nature this was a very secure site so all entry / exits points had to be closed when not being used. Much of the work was carried out in live office areas so noise was kept to a minimum. The phased relocation of the Lottery Hub involved working carefully alongside the Camelot Technicians to ensure live communication was never dropped. 
Feedback: “The guys did a great job, even though we asked them to do a lot more than originally agreed.” 

Employee Reshuffle - Salisbury 

The Brief: Relocation of approximately 40 people between 2 sites in Central Salisbury. This Included: The relocation of various styles of desking (some requiring dis-assembly & reassembly. Sequential packing of files, documents and stationery. All I.T. required decommission, wrapping & recommission by our team of trained operatives. Relocation of XXL storage units. 
Challenges: Access to one of the sites proved to be a challenge due to the entrance being just a few feet from a police quarantined restaurant (part of the Salisbury spy poisoning incident). Following brief negotiations with the Police guard, the team were given permission to park and continue work on schedule. One of the offices to be moved (both in & out off) was on the 3rd floor but had no lift access. This resulted in all furniture, IT, crates and furniture being carried up & down via stairs. 
The sequential packing of files into crates was unusual in that the contents were not to be placed in the same order at their new location. Working with the client our team devised a bespoke packing plan to ensure all files & documents arrived in their new locations as per the clients requirement. 
Feedback: I just wanted to thank you and the team for all your help last weekend. The lads were brilliant (as usual), and were finished really quickly. The crates were all collected bang on time, and before we knew it everything was back to normal! I’ve no doubt it won’t be too long before we’re asking for your services again, so until then, Thank You.” 

Laboratory Relocation - Guildford 

The Brief: Hygiena asked us to provide a relocation between two buildings in Guildford. The move included packing and securely moving their main office area and an adjacent laboratory. Our team ensured that the precious equipment were safely packed into our branded secure crates and carefully loaded onto 24/7 tracked vehicles. 
Challenges: Packing of the lab equipment was carried out by our team on the day prior to the main move. Great care was taken to ensure the specialist (and extremely expensive) test equipment was correctly prepared for relocation. Some larger pieces of equipment required dis-assembly in order to move, and thanks to our experienced lab moving team within just a few hours all equipment was back up and running in its new location. 
Feedback: “It all went very well and everything was completed way faster than we could have imagined” 
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