Confidential Shredding 

Our Confidential Shredding and Document Destruction division have extensive experience in safely and securely disposing of sensitive data. After paying for the desired amount of sacks, they will be delivered to you within 3 working days. Once the sacks have been filled, contact us to let us know and we will then come and collect them, also within 3 working days. Check out the process regarding what we do with your shredding below, as well as the Milton Keynes and Northampton sack prices.  
If you require more than 10 sacks, please give us a call on 01908 216700 
Delivery and collection fees are included within the prices above. 

The Process 


Arrival & Barcode Security 

Our fully uniformed, professional, DBS Vetted staff arrive onsite. 
We deliver your barcoded sacks and scan them to give a detailed audit trail for added security. 

Collection & Transit 

Once you have filled your sacks up with shredding, we will come and collect them. 
Your shred is then taken back to our secure shredding facility in secure vehicles that are tracked 24/7. 

Shredding & Compaction 

Your documents are securely emptied into the shredding process and shredded up to DIN Level 4, higher than any local competitor. 
Your shredded data is then compacted and mulched to further increase security. 

Recycling & the Environment 

The mulched shredded paper is then processed and recycled into more paper. 
After recycling your paper you have also saved 17 trees, 7000 litres of water and 4000 KWH of electricity. 


Your certificate of destruction is then sent to you along with your invoice and the process can now start again whenever suits you best. 

Why Choose Us 

Over 30 years of servicing customers. 
Highest quality and security level of shredding. 
From enquiry, to delivery to collection to destruction, we provide a complete shredding solution. 
Tracked vehicles, locked consoles, CCTV monitored facility, DBS vetted staff, DIN Level 4, Mulched paper. 
A professional service to be proud of 
Lowest prices in Milton Keynes Shredding services 

Eco Friendly Shredding 

By shredding just 1 tonne of your paper we can save... 

7000 Litres 
The amount of water saved by us recycling your shredded paper. This is enough to sustain someone in an LEDC living for 12 months. 
17 trees 
The amount of trees we save having to be cut down by recycling your paper into more paper. 
4000 kwh 
The power we save in choosing to recycle your paper. This is enough to power a family in an average 3 bedroom house for 12 months. 


The biggest misconception is that what we do doesn't matter. In our lives, our work but also in our environment. We are all equal and have an equal amount of potential to affect our environment for good. You are just as important in helping to restore our planet as anybody else. 


Its the modern world. Regardless what we do, we're going to have some impact on our environment. However we can actively choose whether its positive or harmful. The smallest decisions we can make can have the biggest impact, even if its merely choosing what supplier you use to shred your paper. 

Get in touch 

For a quote or more information on how we can help you, please get in touch. 
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